Items to Collect: Wonderous Weaponry

0/28 Items Collected:

  1. Black Fan of Shenkuu
  2. Black Leather Helmet
  3. Boots of Leaping
  4. Bracers of Fury
  5. Carved Sansetsukon
  6. Eight Point Paper Star
  7. Enchanted Pudao
  8. Engraved Broad Sword
  9. Engraved Chakram
  10. Four Point Paper Star
  11. Gold Handled Katana
  12. Golden Handled Long Sword
  13. Helm of Recovery
  14. Jade Staff
  15. Night Katana
  16. Pack of Holding
  17. Paper Dagger
  18. Paper Helmet
  19. Pocket Feather
  20. Silver Sai
  21. Sparkling Bonbori Hammers
  22. Speed Beads
  23. Star Balls
  24. Sturdy Battle Shield
  25. Sturdy Steel Pudao
  26. Wooden Practice Fan
  27. Wooden Practice Shield
  28. Wooden Practice Staff

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